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Compliance is KEY when you are in the Food Business. Find out which License you need to obtain for your business!

trs-iconYou will be more aware about various food quality and safety standards for Food License.

Food License and RegistrationYou will get familiar with the procedure and guidelines which will help in your Food Business.

certificate-iconYou will get specific information about the license and permit requirements in YOUR area.

PASSYou will get thorough detail about all the regulatory requirements for your venture.

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How FSSAI Compliance helps your Food Business 

food-safetynew If you are in a Food Business, you are supposed to meet many regulatory requirements. Some of these requirements apply to all food businesses, and some are specific to the particular food product.
edit We will help you identify what your Food Business needs to do to comply with ALL the FSSAI requirements & get your Food License.


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