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How to obtain food license in India

Planning to start up a food business? No food business can be commenced unless a valid license is obtained, therefore, it becomes essential to get a license.

There are 23 licenses which the FSSAI issues. Wondering how to obtain food license in India ?

According to (Food Safety and Standards Licensing/ Registration of Food Businesses) Regulations, 2009, Any person desirous to commence or carry on any food business shall make an application for the grant of a Food License to the Designated Officer along with fees Under Article 31 of FSS Act, 2006.

How to obtain food license in India

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Steps follow:

1. Fill the application form. Select according to the category of your business.

2. Fees prescribed in Schedule-3 depending upon the category your food business falls in.

3. You’ll be asked to give such additional information or to complete the application, within 30 days from such intimation.

4. Within 60 days of issue of such an Application ID number, you will be provided with the license.

5. This is done in the manner prescribed by the regulations of Food Safety and Standard Authority of India.

6. Within 30 days from receipt of an inspection report excluding the time taken by you in complying with the advice and verification thereof, the concerned Licensing Authority shall consider the application and may either grant license or reject the application.

7. And you are ready to go ahead with that great food business of yours!

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Above are some sptes for How to obtain food license in India. This steps which help you to go through procedure.