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Food manufacturing License India

Some Important things about Food manufacturing License India are follows –

All Big manufacturing facilities will need food manufacturing license by Central Licensing Authority FSSAI. Small players /warehouses/distributors will need to obtain a valid license from State Licensing Authority. 

All the licensed establishments will be subject to periodical inspections and food safety audits by respective licensing authorities. FSMS Plan and Food Recall process.

food manufacturing license

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Liability for Food manufacturing License India

Manufacturer shall be liable for

Meeting all requirements under this Act wholesaler /distributor shall be liable only for

Sale after expiry

Stored or supplied in violation of the safety instruction

Unsafe or misbranded

Manufacturer Unidentifiable

Received with knowledge of being unsafe Seller shall be liable only for

Sale after expiry

Handled or kept in unhygienic conditions


Food manufacturing License India

“Food business” means any undertaking, whether for profit or not and whether public or private, carrying out any of the activities related to any stage of manufacture, processing, packaging, storage, transportation, distribution of food, import and includes food services, catering services, sale of food or food ingredients.

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Food manufacturing License India – Manufactures/Retailer

Manufactures or sells any article of food himself or a petty retailer, hawker, itinerant vendor or temporary stall holder; or – such other food businesses including small scale or cottage or such other industries relating to food business or tiny food businesses with an annual turnover not exceeding Rs 12 lakhs and/or whose

Production capacity of food (other than milk and milk products and meat and meat products) does not exceed 100 kg/ltr per day or

Production or procurement or collection of milk is up to 500 litres of milk per day or

Slaughtering capacity is 2 large animals or 10 small animals or 50 poultry birds per day or less

Registering Authority

Food Safety Officer or any official in Panchayats, Municipal Corporation or any other local body in an area, notified as such by the State Food Safety Commissioner for the purpose of registration.

State Licensing Authority

Food manufacturing License India Designated Officers appointed under Section 36(1) of the Act by the Food Safety Commissioner of a State or UT for the purpose of licensing and monitoring.

Central Licensing Authority

Food manufacturing License India Designated Officer appointed by the Chief Executive Officer of the Food Authority of India in his capacity of Food Safety Commissioner.

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Above are the key element of Food manufacturing License India which you.