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Food Manufacturing License in India

Food Safety and Standards Authority of India (FSSAI) will be the sole body responsible for Food Safety in India. FSSAI Compliance has become mandatory for everyone in the Food Chain. It is required for a Food Business Operator in India to obtain Food License and Registration.

Food License and Registration Consultants will help you from begin to end in enrollment Process of Food Manufacturing License in India .

What is the Procedure of obtaining Food Manufacturing License in India ?


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What are the Services offered for Food Manufacturing License in India ?

Help you to register your business or organisation more efficiently

Provide you a complete solution for your all registration requirments

Training will be given to the Food Business Operators

Helping clients to register under the Food Safety and Standards Act 2006

Handling of all the Legal procedures can be carried out by FSSAI Registration Consultant so that clients do not need to face the hassles of Legal Procedures

List of documents required to obtain Food Manufacturing License in India :

1) Application of FSSAI Form B (mandatory for all).Food Manufacturing License in India

2) Blueprint/layout plan of the processing unit showing the dimensions in metres/square metres and operation-wise area allocation (mandatory for manufacturing and processing units only).

3) List of Directors with full address and contact details (mandatory for companies only)

4) Name and List of Equipments and Machinery along with the number, installed capacity and horse power used (mandatory for manufacturing and processing units only)

5) Photo ID and address proof issued by Government authority of Proprietor/Partner/Director(s)/Authorized Signatory. (optional) List of food category desired to be manufactured. (In case of manufacturers).

6) Authority letter with name and address of responsible person nominated by the manufacturer along with alternative responsible person indicating the powers vested with them viz assisting the officers in inspections, collection of samples, packing & dispatch. (mandatory for manufacturing and processors).

7) Analysis report (Chemical & Bacteriological) of water to be used as ingredient in food from a recognized/ public health laboratory to confirm the portability (mandatory only for manufacturing and processing units only).

8) Proof of possession of premises. (Sale deed/ Rent agreement/ Electricity bill, etc.) (optional).

9) Food Safety Management System plan or certificate (if any).

10) Declaration Form

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