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Food Import License in India

Food Import License in India :

Some important facts for importation of food products in India

Overview of current guidelines and rules and regulations of FSS Act which are relevant in matters of import of food and food products into India.

Any food imported in these ports are first received and verified by the Customs Authorities at the port and they decide whether a No Objection Certificate is required from a designated Port Health Officer for release of the imported food. 

Food Import License in India

Why it is mandatory in India?

Once the Imported Food Items arrive in India, it is mandatory for the Port / Airport Authorities and Customs to verify the Invoices, Bill of Entry and other Certificates submitted by Importer and the IGM submitted by the Transporters before the unloading of the cargo is allowed.

Food Import License in India follow EDI System –

Customs is having EDI System in place at selected Ports / Airports and appropriate entries are made in the Risk Management (RM) Module of this System at various stages, including when the consignments are cleared for unloading. However, at present this RM Module is built more from Revenue Assessment perspective rather than from Food Safety perspective as it is developed by the Customs primarily for automating their own functions.

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Food Import License in India

An integrated Management Information System is very essential for the following important reasons:

  1. Standardization of procedures and data maintenance
  2. Enhance Transparency, Uniformity and Consistency in the Clearance Process
  3. Reduction in delays in communication among the stake holders
  4. Improvement in efficiency and Reduction in delays of Clearance of imported food consignment
  5. Ease of information dissemination for public awareness
  6. Consolidate and Provide MIS data for FSSAI to generate reports to enable quick and efficient decision making

Why is Food Import License in India so important?

This is the most important activity in the entire process of ensuring safety of imported food items. The safety of food is assessed by 4 separate entities, namely – Port Health Officer, Plant Quarantine Officer, Animal Quarantine Officer and Labs accredited by Govt. of India for testing the samples of Food Imports.

Food Import License in India requires PHO

FSSAI has taken over the functions of the Port Health Officer (PHO) in the five major ports and has designated officers responsible for issuing and clearing the goods.The process of clearance of imported food at ports was not computerized and was handled manually with only paper trail.

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Above are important things for Food Import License in India which you should keep in mind while Food Import Business in India.